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I’ve been working as an SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer for 7 years. Brand exposure is important in today’s highly competitive market. In an increasingly online world, any brand’s digital visibility plays a huge role in driving its revenue. I work towards improving and more importantly, sustaining the organization’s online presence.
I tailor my approach to SEO and Digital Marketing according to the company’s specific needs. Contact me, get a consultation, and see how I will revamp your organization’s online presence and lead it to success.

Why SEO Experts are needed in Dubai?

Arif Hussain, the top SEO Expert in Dubai is very famous especially for the people who are running their own business and they want to have well established promotional activities done for their businesses. There are a lot of terms and conditions which are now in use by the online marketers and for the businessmen in Dubai it is necessary to understand the meaning of all those terms used. Today, each and every business regardless of its size is trying to be prominent online and for this purpose they are totally dependent upon Search Engine Optimization. There comes a phase in the life of every business when it becomes difficult for a businessman to implement right set of strategies for the online marketing of the products and services offered by the business.

There could be a lot of online marketing strategies used by the business and almost all of those marketing strategies revolve around the shade of SEO strategies.  If any company wants to make its online presence strong and want to gain a lot of traffic for its brand online then it’s the best way to attract audience for the brand. There are some of the benefits hiring this SEO expert for the businessmen in Dubai so that they can easily get the best from expert.

1-      Pay per click

This usually means that there is a landing page of the main website and paying for clicking it increases the traffic for the brand. When the users and visitors will clink on the link on any page on Google, this link will get linked to the page of original website and there clicks differ in some aspects because the targeted users play their specific roles. This task can be easily done by the SEO experts. SEO in Dubai is a bit different from the basic one and their the experts focus on the keyword to link the pages to websites.

2-      Particular Keywords

These campaigns are always paid and an SEO consultant in Dubai uses a specified keyword and thus links that keyword in the article to the main homepage of the website. Once the page is optimized, the outcomes come. In a landing page, the keywords are focused on more than anything and this is why businesses using SEO in Dubai get successful.

3-      Offline campaigns of marketing

Not only is the online marketing enough for doing successful marketing campaign of the business. Yet there could be some other things which can improve the standards of the business. The owner of the business will always be in the need for the home page of his business. SEO Consultants in Dubai creates the offline homepage for the business concerns and thus the businesses can easily carry on to their marketing campaigns offline. The home page will attract the audience for the business exactly same as the audience are attracted to the optimized online pages.

4-      Relevancy is important

In SEO services, the relevancy is of great importance. It is necessary to get the engagement of the users. Relevancy is using the right time to send the right message. So it sure is made sure that the websites which are created should be attractive enough that they get high customer responses and customer engagement with the products and services offered by the brand.

The purpose of using SEO

The sole purpose of using SEO in Dubai is to gain high customer attention and to have raised profits and high return on investment. Sometimes the businessmen don’t understand the value of a right SEO expert and they might get confused that how they can get so much accurate results but it is hence proven that SEO services help the brands in attaining high audience for the brand.


How Social Media Marketing is done by a SEM Expert in Dubai?

Social media marketing of any business is of keen importance nowadays. Almost all the businesses regardless of their size and volume are using online marketing tools and tactics for their brands and among them the one is Social media marketing. It has been proven by a research survey more than 95 percent of the marketers are using social media marketing to make people familiar with their brands and to get a huge customer engagement inform of high sales and customers feedback. People use social media marketing but still they are not aware about the best tools and tactics they could use to get better responses. In order to be efficient in the marketing of the brand, businesses hire Social Media Expert in Dubai who assists them in implementing the right social media marketing for their business.

Social media marketing basically involves facebook and instagram marketing as these are the basic social media channels used by the experts for the social media marketing of a brand. Following are some of the key benefits of having SEM Specialist hired in Dubai.

  • High level of brand awareness

Using social media is considered to be the best way for people to enhance the online presence of their brands and to get high response from the people in form of customers’ feedback. In this era of information technology, more than half of the population use facebook daily and same is the case with instagram. So there is the concentration of people on the social media channels and thus marketing your brand on the social media channels give you a chance of making people familiar with your brand. When the people will be having more brand awareness, only that way your brand could get famous and you could achieve the targeted profits and generate excellent revenues.

  • Generation of traffic

More traffic gets attracted towards the brand when it is active on the social media platforms. Making a brand present on social media platforms is the best way selected by the marketers to let the brand gain audience. It is not necessary that everyone will start liking your brand at first but at least people will come to know about your brand and there would be a huge number of people attracted towards the brand and you as a businessman can’t gather too much audience only a SEM expert can. The high the traffic the high the number of customers your business will get.

  • Better SE ratings

When a brand has made its presence on social media platforms, it becomes easy for it to get recognized online. It will get high search engine ratings and that is very important for any business to be successful in its online marketing campaign. While in some instances, only social media marketing can’t increase the SE rankings for your brand but in some cases it can. So the improvement in SE rating totally depends upon how you market your brand using the social media marketing platforms.

  • High customer satisfaction

The Digital Marketing Services provided by the experts raise the level of satisfaction which your customers generally have from your brand. In this era, customers have got a lot of choices in selection of their brands and for the businesses to be at the top preference of the customers need to be much more involved in the latest tools and tactics. When a customer sees a brand present on social media and even on the online web pages, he will get the good image of the brand and thus your right strategies can help you in sustaining the customers by providing them excellent services.

Due to all these above mentioned reasons, Arif Hussain SEM is the most reliable and the best recommended option for you in Dubai to get advantaged by the online marketing services.